Official Rules Algarve Derby 2020

This regulation and the figures presented here refer to the participation of 1000 Teams (3 + 2) equivalent to 3000 paid athletes + 2000 Reserves.

5000 participating athletes

 If this number is not reached 3000 Paid Pigeons, all values and other criteria will be properly adjusted according to the percentage (%) of all paid Athletes.

Reserve pigeons do not consider themselves “paid” athletes until they are fully activated.

The organization will reveal the disputed amounts until July 30th, 2020, this values that can be updated according to the final activations if the organization so understand.

The race participation is open to all athletes, National /International, is mandatory that all must have an official ring approved by the International Federation Colombophile (FCI).

All Participants must be active members of the Clube Columbófilo Bias do Sul, with the quality of participating Members and therefore pay for their corresponding annual fees that are included in the entry fee.

The “fee” for the race participation of each team will be € 500.00 composed of 5 Athletes (3 + 2), 3 of which will be effective and 2 will reserves.

All participating members who send more than 12 athletes will be divided by groups of 12 due to the participation of Algarve Great Derby in the FCI Pigeons Grand Prix.

€ 250.00 will correspond to the annual fee (free taxes) and € 250.00 will refer to the race registration (VAT applied in 23%).

These groups must be identified by the participant otherwise the organization of the Algarve Great Derby reserves the right to group them randomly.

The reserve athletes will participate in all the qualifying events, and they will be enabled in all the values in dispute until the 3rd “Ace Pigeon” race, if they reach the Semi-Final/ Final and the team still maintains ( 4 or 5) elements the reserve athletes must be  properly activated to participate in the 2 additional races Semi-Final/Final  through the payment of an extra registration fee in the amount of €150.00 (VAT applied in 23%) per athlete.

In case the Member participant does not activate them, they can be activated by “third parties”, in this case, the corresponding prize to these Athletes, which may eventually be attributed to them, will be for those who activated it. Reserve athletes will always participate in the Semi-Final /Final event and are part of the team classification in which they have been entered.

Reserve Athletes may not change teams even if they belong to the same Participating Member.

Bank charges for “bank transference operations” to the Algarve Great Derby “Clube Columbófilo de Bias do Sul”, are the responsibility of the person, that make the operation, no imputed costs will be charged to the Club.

There will be an exclusive activation period for the owner, and the last 48 hours of the activation period will be extended to third parties if the pigeons are not yet activated, this information will be exclusively on the website

Very Important: All Reserve Athletes must be activated to be entitled to the prizes to the be awarded in the Semi-final and Final contest if the team still maintains the 4 or 5 elements.

In the event that there are no more than 1 or 2 team members, the Reserve Athletes will automatically be activated according to their respective case.

The Pigeons of the 9 + 1 Supply Teams are all automatically activated.

Athletes Offered in the 9 + 1 Offer will not be counted as Athletes Paid.

The Member Participant that activated the Athlete for the final will be entitled to the prize awarded to the Athlete, and not to the value of the auction of it, this value will be of the Member Participant who sent the Athlete as well as the material prizes that the Athlete may eventually to win.


All Pigeons / Athletes must be titled in the individual name of the participant member or in the name of a “team” chosen by him.

No Owner of any OLR will benefit from special conditions of participation in the Algarve Great Derby, having even to activate their reserve pigeons if this activation is requested in our Website

Each Participant Member may register the teams that he understands, with 9 teams registered, the organization will offer a “free team” of 9 + 1.

In the “free team,” all Athletes are pré-activated. Groups of Participating Members may be formed to take advantage of the “offer team” as long as the team name has something in common

The reception of the breeders is from April 1st to May 31st, 2020.

They must be accompanied by their title and pedigree, with the address and contact of the owner as well as the IBAN number in which they wish to receive the prizes awarded to Pigeon.

The participant member taxpayer number must be provided to the Organization of the Algarve Great Derby at the time of its registration or renewal.

If any Athlete gets lost in the adduction, can be replaced until  May 31st, without no extra costs, the participating members will be contacted by the Organization Algarve Great Derby whenever a substitution is necessary.

The participating members are responsible for the for Shipping, Fees

Contact the organization or the Agent of the Country of Origin for all the Shipping costs Infomation´s.

The Birds for the adduction should have 40 to 50 days old and will be housed in Algarve Great Derby Loft, built for this purpose, is our responsibility.

                                                                                                All pigeons must be vaccinated against PMV within 20 days prior to transport. (MANDATORY)

Grupo Columbófilo Bias do Sul

Pombal Algarve Great Derby

Rua das Fontes Santas nº2

8700 Bias do Sul – Olhão.

You should indicate the Columbófilo Bias do Sul as the recipient of the order, in all cases the Management should be contacted to schedule the survey.

For International shipments, you should contact our International Promoter (contacts on the website).

In case the transport is made by air the destination Airport must be FAO-Faro Internacional Airport

After being admitted to the Loft, all pigeons are responsibility  of Columbófilo Bias do Sul, and the 150 first prizes of the Final Race become their property after the Organization pays to the participating members the stipulated prizes (disputed values ) in the Classification order, which corresponds to the purchase value of the pigeon by the Organization.

The pigeons must be followed by the vaccination certificate of the Country of Origin, and this is an essential rule for the participation of the pigeons in the Algarve Great Derby.

Card property (Required) and pedigree in a closed envelope that will only be opened by the Organization after the final release.

It has become a mandatory rule of the Federação Portuguesa de Columbófilia. All  participating pigeons in OLR in Portugal hold a title of Property in order to be able to participate effectively in OLR, so that all pigeons that do not have titles of property will have to be requested to the FPC and the cost of 2 € per pigeon will be applied to the participant due to  not having sent the originals along with the transport process.

There is the possibility of pigeons coming from third countries, and these pigeons are subject to a Quarantine period to be held at the Quarantine Center of the Federação Portuguesa de Columbófilia, and this cost is the responsibility of the Participating Members.


All Pigeons can be auctioned after the Final Competition, on behalf of the Participant, the Organization of the Algarve Great Derby can coordinate the pigeon’s sales to National and International Auction Companies,

Hire Photographers and pay other expenses related to sales.

After sold the Organization will deduct the value of the sale, the amounts spent on it, taxes, photos  and commissions of the auction Companies 30%, and will send to the owner 50% of the remaining balance and the remaining 50% will be delivered to the Columbófilo Clube de Bias do Sul as commission for their service.

All Participating Members are entitled to the percentage of the value of the sale if the pigeon have pedigree (NEW RULE FOR 2020)


If Athletes are not followed by a complete pedigree (Father, Mother and Grandparents) , the Participant will not be entitled to their percentage of the Athlete sale value.

The case the Athlete returns to Auction for a second  “round” this value reverts to the Organization, and the participant does not have the right to any amount.

The values of the Auctions will be credited in the accounts of the participants only after their delivery and good collection so that if the pigeon is returned for lack of payment the participant will be informed.


The Algarve Great Derby does not have an Auctions Website, so the sales will be Managed by websites chosen by the Organization, but independent, all payments of pigeons purchased at auction should be made to the websites where they were Auctioned.

You can register your team using  the email:, or directly in our website, and then, within 15 days, make a payment of 10% of the amount of your membership fee, to guarantee your participation.

The Algarve Great Derby has a limited loft to 5000 pigeons

In case of withdrawal, this fee is not refundable. Registration can be paid in cash, or by bank transfer, in this case with expenses paid by the sender.

Name: Clube Columbófilo de Bias do Sul

NIB: 0045 7104 40298003202 86

IBAN: PT50 0045 7104 4029 8003 2028 6


The Basketing for the contests, Semi-Final, and Final Competition, will be managed by the technical staff of the Club Columbofilo de Bias do Sul, with the supervision of technical elements of our partner’s clubs.

The Final will be supervised by the FCI Elements. The pigeons will be followed to the place of release by members of our partner’s Clubs who will supervise the release that will be carried out with the support of a National Forecast Department indicated by the FPC.

In the loft, the pigeons will be analyzed regularly by an Official Veterinarian.

  Any eventuality that causes conflict not covered by this regulation will be resolved by the organization, and this decision

will be sovereign.

The official rules will be in Portuguese and will be placed on, since any translation in another language may cause misleading


The pigeons will be housed in Clube Columbófilo de Bias do Sul, and so that exist the same conditions for all the pigeons, they will have only perches and there will be no separation of sexes.

There will be disputed in the 5th Edition Algarve Great Derby 2020, 5 contests, including Semi-Final, Final, plus the  Ace Pigeon Championship. 250,000.00 € (Two Hundred and Fifty thousand Euros)

in case we register 3000 paid pigeons.

To win the Ace Pigeon Championship, the Athlete  must participate in the Final contest and rank in Ace Pigeon Championship,

In case of a draw of averages after the completion of the 5 contests, the pigeon with the best classification in the Final Competition will be the winner of the Ace Pigeon Championship.

Time criteria and verification

In all Ace Pigeon races, the classification ends after 8 hours of the arrival of the first pigeon discounting dead hours (if any)

                                                                            The pigeons that do not return, at the time of confirmation in the final race, will not be included in  Ace Pigeon Competition.

The winner will be the pigeon with the highest sum in the average of the 5 contests, including semi-final and final.

If there is no race to count for Ace pigeon, in order to find the winner,  we will consider the performed races.

                                                        The loft is located in one of the most beautiful areas of the Algarve, 5000mts from one of the 7 natural wonders of Portugal called Ria Formosa.

Only at  5 Kilometers away from the magnificent City of Olhão, birth city of Ria Formosa, famous for the islands  (Fuseta and Armona), gastronomy (seafood and fish) just only at  15 kilometers from Faro International Airport(FAO).

The event is Managed by a team, all of them with many years of experience in pigeon racing and event organization

Whether  Support  collaboration  Available from FPC

National and International Collaborators to promote the event website

Official Veterinarian of  Algarve Great Derby Loft, Drº Ruben Jerónimo

Centro Columbófilo de Bias do Sul and his collaborators.

The arrival verification system in training and testing is an official electronic system and authorized by FPC Benzing Brand.

                                                            The loft is equipped with the new Speed antennas capable of registering more than 1000 pigeons per minute without failing a single registration.

We want to give to the participants a guarantee of reliability in the presented results.

The results can be followed in all the tests in the OLR live system of the brand prepared for the OLR, The electronic system is a system approved by the FPC.

                            All training and events to be disputed and scheduled may be altered for weather reasons, or others unrelated to the organization. The decision of the organization is always sovereign.

All pigeons entering the loft will be assigned an electronic chip, the loft will provide equal conditions for all athletes and there will be no separation of sexes and only have perches available

       All prizes in dispute will be subject to the current taxes.

All Participating Members in making the payment of the member fees shall consider themselves informed of all the points of this regulation.

              Participation only becomes effective after payment of all amounts in due (fees and registration), and in case of not paying the registration/participation is voided before the final race is made,  even if the pigeons participate in it, activated by the 3rd Parties.

In the loft, the National rules of non-use of drugs will be used and the visits of the official veterinarians will be Regular.

                                                                The Organization of the Algarve Great Derby will send invitations to institutions of the city  of Olhão, in order to obtain their participation

So that these athletes can participate in the Algarve Great Derby, the revenue of these pigeons after the expenses of the auction are removed will be in its totality for the participating entities not wanting the organization any amount.

These will be given as a “donation” These pigeons will participate in all the races until the Semi-final and the best of these pigeons classified in the ace pigeon will be entitled to participate in the  Algarve Great derby Final.

The Organization wishes all Participants a great experience in what is already one of the Best One Loft Races in Europe


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