Ativações 2018

Pigeon NºActivated By Owner Until 25-09-2018 - 23:59HActivated By third Parties From 26-09-2018 00:00
Zaki Kamal FI0740- 023
William Donachie UK1721- Baldona MaureenOWNER ACTIVATED
Van TilBurg/Jovati-A BE0595- 686OWNER ACTIVATED
The Sock Robbers IE1917- ForemanOWNER ACTIVATED
The Four B´S UK1697- Ryans Roys DelightOWNER ACTIVATED
Team Schnellin DV0264- AnneOWNER ACTIVATED
Team K.G.Y TR2617- 961
Team Janssem NL1232- 492ACTIVATED BY Commons cowboys
Team Giurca IT1980- 552OWNER ACTIVATED
Team BSK Norway NO2121- BaccusOWNER ACTIVATED
Team Bob- A FR0788- 365OWNER ACTIVATED
Tarasiuk Jerry PL2202- Ciem
Sporting Pigeons Team PT2454- SCP184OWNER ACTIVATED
Sporting Pigeons Team PT2450- SCP751OWNER ACTIVATED
SG Roehlig Bernd & Luise Bukowski DV0228- Nora 8
Selby Flyers UK1653- Richos RocketOWNER ACTIVATED
Segers-Coppens BE0495- MaximumACTIVATED BY Commons cowboys
Rainer Hoehn DV0200- LauraACTIVATED BY Keith Jones
Mike Ganus-A US0730- Sunny Side SmileOWNER ACTIVATED
Mike Ganus US0717- Purple MoonOWNER ACTIVATED
Master Team PL2166- 513ACTIVATED BY THE BEBO
Martin Saevareid NO2084- MS-90OWNER ACTIVATED
Luis Gomes & Pedro Gomes PT2406- 627OWNER ACTIVATED
Lubomir Kubacek CZ2494- Just Like A PillOWNER ACTIVATED
Krajcik Daniel & Andrea SK2518- Alfred MarshallOWNER ACTIVATED
Knowles & Cleary IE1833- DonnaOWNER ACTIVATED
Jo & Florian Hendriks NL1084- 296OWNER ACTIVATED
Hilamb-A UK1503- Hilamb TopunOWNER ACTIVATED
Henk De Weerd NL0952- 581ACTIVATED BY Keith Jones
Gert Rotman NL0932- Poker 677OWNER ACTIVATED
G. Heijnen en ZN NL0904- Darth VaderOWNER ACTIVATED
Familia Cochinho & Gouveia PT2335- 158OWNER ACTIVATED
F. Dukker NL0892- 481OWNER ACTIVATED
Eberhard Wolter DV0060- NinaACTIVATED BY Sheppy
Dutch Quarantine & Veterinary Service BV NL0884- Fred Goes CrazyOWNER ACTIVATED
Dutch Quarantine & Veterinary Service BV NL0880- 088ACTIVATED BY Liadains Choice
Doldersum Pigeons NL0872- 108OWNER ACTIVATED
Doherty Kids UK1447- LolaOWNER ACTIVATED
Combinate Dijkman Kneegl NL0864- 043OWNER ACTIVATED
Comb. Paap & Paap NL0852- BandidoOWNER ACTIVATED
Comb. Mantel NL0840- FinnOWNER ACTIVATED
Chris Turner+Miguel Villarino UK1419- Larch Tree ButtercupOWNER ACTIVATED
Casal do Monte PT2318- 424ACTIVATED BY GERRY O´MARA
Bosko Jenjic CR0603- 548
Bjorn Ove Helgesen NO2068- Super 107OWNER ACTIVATED
Armstrong & Daniels IE1733- AlanOWNER ACTIVATED
Andre Hombeck BE0307- 926OWNER ACTIVATED
Alistair Hogg UK1368- ManicanOWNER ACTIVATED
Agopian Arthur FR0744- NidoACTIVATED BY Commons cowboys
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