Activation List 2019

Rules for activation birds

Ativations for the semi final/final until 20:00 of 16 September
Period exclusive for the owners Until the 23:59:59 Hours of 22 Of September only the owners can activate their own birds. After this period and until the basketing for the final race, everyone can activate the birds. The Prize money will be entitled to the person that activates the bird.

The Price of activation is 150€ per bird and must be paid to our account, and a mail must be sent to with the proof of transfer and with the identification of the birds to activate.

Name: Clube Columbófilo de Bias do Sul
IBAN: PT50 0045 7104 4029 8003 2028 6

NameCountryCodeActivated By
Deschrijver JohanBelgium190352RES-220Activated by Mc Manus-Porter-Shaw
Deschrijver JohanBelgium190353RES-Amigo 1Activated by 5 Amigos
Dina SierensBelgium190357RES-497Activated by Owner
Dina SierensBelgium190358RES-540Activated by Owner
Flying Red Bull´sBelgium190394RES-Golden Girls With BallsActivated by Debbie-Amanda-Maggie
Kurt & Raf Platteeuw-BBelgium190419RES-Tamaras DreamActivated by Debbie Neale and Chris Turner
Taveirne FranckyBelgium190489RES-Bokastel 8Activated by Owner
Team Dieter SchreelBelgium190510RES-655Activated by Owner
Team Dieter SchreelBelgium190509RES-493Activated by Owner
Team Familie SchreelBelgium190515RES-390Activated by Owner
Team Familie Schreel-BBelgium190519RES-669Activated by Owner
Denis CulicCroatia190553RES-Dubnovnik StarActivated by Owner
Denis CulicCroatia190554RES-Dubnovnik BestActivated by Owner
Kubacek-Jurasek TeamCzech Republic192415RES-Little Heroe 3Activated by Owner
Alain AllardFrance190803RES-374Activated by Owner
Phrommala,PhonethepFrance190831RES-299Activated by Yassin All Kulaib
Phrommala,PhonethepFrance190832RES-298Activated by Yassin All Kulaib
Phrommala,Phonethep-BFrance190837RES-Amigo 2Activated by 5 Amigos
Team FranceFrance190846RES-The 029Activated by Yassin All Kulaib
Team FranceFrance190847RES-Miss FlavyaActivated by Owner
Immeln MarianGermany190120RES-PhoenixActivated by Tenny
Manfred ErettGermany190149RES-603Activated by Yassin All Kulaib
SG Roehlig Bernd & Luise BukowskiGermany190166RES-133Activated by Yassin All Kulaib
SG WilssGermany190172RES-DrozztActivated by Yassin All Kulaib
SG WilssGermany190171RES-AugendtrtnActivated by Gerry Daly
Team ParadoxGermany190236RES-1033Activated by Yassin All Kulaib
Team SchnellinGermany190247RES-Danny BoyActivated by Tenny
Team Schnellin-BGermany190251RES-Amigo 3Activated by 5 Amigos
Team Schnellin-BGermany190252RES-Amigo 4Activated by 5 Amigos
Krizsai JozsefHungary191348RES-527Activated by Owner
Team Pinter PigeonHungary191354RES-222Activated by Owner
Team Pinter PigeonHungary191353RES-224Activated by Owner
Gerry MccourtIreland191708RES-Thunder BolkActivated by Owner
Fast Pigeon Ervin LaroItaly191954RES-304Activated by Owner
Fast Pigeon Ervin LaroItaly191955RES-329Activated by Owner
Team Vella/CatalanoItaly191986RES-522Activated by Yassin All Kulaib
G.Heijnen ZnNetherlands190967RES-Granne´s DreamActivated by Grainne
Team Bony FarmaNetherlands191200RES-267Activated by Yassin All Kulaib
Team BurgNetherlands191205RES-FennyActivated by Owner
Emeralds & Diamonds DynastyNorthern Ireland190585RES-Ruby DynastyActivated by Mc Manus-Porter-Shaw
Emeralds & Diamonds Dynasty-BNorthern Ireland190590RES-Lazuritr DynastyActivated by Yassin All Kulaib
Ostapiuk SylwesterPoland192191RES-104Activated by Yassin All Kulaib
Adriano & RuiPortugal192212RES-927Activated by Yassin All Kulaib
Antonio Estrangeiro & TutipetPortugal192217RES-236Activated by Yassin All Kulaib
Class LoftPortugal192253RES-020Activated by Owner
Class LoftPortugal192252RES-025Activated by Owner
Derby RiachosPortugal192273RES-014Activated by Yassin All Kulaib
Luis Catarino & Serafim AndradePortugal192283RES-608Activated by Yassin All Kulaib
Manuel Martins & Abel LopesPortugal192288RES-DanielaActivated by Yassin All Kulaib
Minho TeamPortugal192293RES-055Activated by Yassin All Kulaib
Minho TeamPortugal192292RES-311Activated by Yassin All Kulaib
Minho Team SpainPortugal192298RES-Amigo 5Activated by 5 Amigos
Minho Team SpainPortugal192297RES-358Activated by Yassin All Kulaib
Minho Team-BPortugal192302RES-263Activated by Yassin All Kulaib
Noemio SousaPortugal192307RES-ErmelindaActivated by Yassin All Kulaib
Oscar PachecoPortugal192327RES-884Activated by Owner
Rui & AdrianoPortugal192342RES-909Activated by Yassin All Kulaib
SA WingsPortugal192353RES-342Activated by Yassin All Kulaib
Sea LionsPortugal192357RES-Gaivota 26Activated by Owner
Sea LionsPortugal192358RES-Gaivota 30Activated by Owner
Sea Lions-CPortugal192368RES-Gaivota 43Activated by Yassin All Kulaib
Sea Lions-CPortugal192367RES-Gaivota 39Activated by Yassin All Kulaib
Wings Of ChangePortugal192404RES-186Activated by Yassin All Kulaib
Europa Master PigeonsRomania192424RES-016Activated by Yassin All Kulaib
Tower View LoftsScotland190629RES-SnowballActivated by Yassin All Kulaib
Evin Peter & NoemiSlovakia (Slovak Republic)192443RES-Kerry 9Activated by Owner
Ilavsky TeamSlovakia (Slovak Republic)192452RES-EmaActivated by Owner
Krajcik Daniel & AndreiaSlovakia (Slovak Republic)192457RES-Bobrexit 241Activated by Owner
Peter HorvathSlovakia (Slovak Republic)192466RES-Dada 4Activated by Yassin All Kulaib
Pigeons Team DulaSlovakia (Slovak Republic)192472RES-Santa BarbaraActivated by Owner
Pigeons Team DulaSlovakia (Slovak Republic)192471RES-Santa CatarinaActivated by Owner
PJ PigeonsSlovakia (Slovak Republic)192477RES-PJ DerkaActivated by Owner
Robert MahutSlovakia (Slovak Republic)192486RES-KikoActivated by Owner
Sadlak Vendelin + AndrejSlovakia (Slovak Republic)192492RES-Special 984Activated by Owner
Sadlak Vendelin + AndrejSlovakia (Slovak Republic)192491RES-Special 983Activated by Owner
Vidhold MiroslavSlovakia (Slovak Republic)192501RES-Big Spider 83Activated by Owner
Vidhold MiroslavSlovakia (Slovak Republic)192502RES-Big Spider 82Activated by Owner
Volentier Vladimir & MariaSlovakia (Slovak Republic)192506RES-Maria 1204Activated by Owner
Sara Fdez Y Roberto CoresSpain190706RES-BlarneyerActivated by Debbie Neale & Chris Turner
Winkie PigeonsSpain190756RES-088Activated by Yassin All Kulaib
Winkie PigeonsSpain190755RES-089Activated by Yassin All Kulaib
Mike ChadwickUnited Kingdom191509RES-Anne 28Activated by Yassin All Kulaib
Mike Chadwick-BUnited Kingdom191514RES-Adams DreamActivated by Adam Gaunt
R. Stokes + SonUnited Kingdom191558RES-Farlow IanActivated by Yassin All Kulaib
Gold Wings USAUnited States190777RES-436Activated by Yassin All Kulaib
Gold Wings USAUnited States190781RES-437Activated by Yassin All Kulaib
Mick. English -BIreland191801RES-MICK 10Activated by Yassin All Kulaib
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