New Loft Almost ready

In this 2016 Edition we have appointed to reach 2400 birds, so to have this birds we have to give them conditions of health and wellness, we have now conditions to 3000 birds.

Here some photos of one of the parts of the new loft that will have a Veterinary office.

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Italian Army arrived Algarve Great Derby

Algarve G. Derby

Yesterday another delivery, the Italian army arrived to Algarve great derby, will be in a loft just for them and will then be re-vaccinated and treated with some preventive and then entering the competition lofts. we want to thank our agent matteo grappa for the good work. In the first month of deliveries exceeded the number of the previous edition, we continue to work when there are still two months to complete the delivery period in order to get full house.

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Pigeons From Grand Canaria and Spain were collected at sevilha airport!!


Today collect Pigeons at Seville airport , these pigeons coming from the canary islands and also some points of Spain were collected and taken directly to the Algarve great derby Loft . They will now enter a period of quarantine where they will be treated and re-vaccinated and then occupy the place in the competition Lofts. our thanks to our aday agent rodriguez.sevilha


Hoje recolhemos Pombos no aeroporto de Sevilha, estes pombos vindos das ilhas canarias e tambem de alguns pontos de espanha foram recolhidos e levados directamente para o pombal algarve great derby. Entrarão agora num periodo de quarentena onde serão tratados e revacinados para depois ocuparem o seu lugar nos pombais de competição. o nosso obrigado ao nosso agente aday rodriguez