The first 100 Pigeons arrived To Algarve Great Derby Lofts.


The first 100 Pigeons Arrived to Algarve Great Derby Lofts, This Pigeons that were collected in Fugare 20/21 were delivered to us in Portugal in 24 in Perfect Conditions.

Now they will have a quarantine period were all of them will be vaccinated again and then they will come out for the first times.

Francisco First PigeonsHere the head Manager Francisco with some of the pigeons that arrived.

Algarve Great Derby Fugare 2016

O Algarve Great Derby esteve presente na feira de fugare 2016. Foi um excelente evento, muito bem organizado, muitos foram os visitantes que passaram pelo stand AGD para um pouco de conversa.

The Algarve Great Derby attended the fair fugare 2016. It was a great event, very well organized , there were many visitors who passed by the AGD stand for a little conversation.

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