Algarve Great Derby
One Loft Race

SUMMER Race 2024

entries running until 31.05.2024
next transport from europe on 11.05 + 25.05


Entry Fee : 600 Euro

algarve great derby - one loft race

SUMMER race 2024

total prizes and awards

250.000 Euro*


All Ace-Pigeon races over 200 Km

* Calculated based on 1000 Teams

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What is a one loft race ?

One loft pigeons races become more and more popular. Fanciers bring their young pigeons (from 6 weeks old an up) to one central loft. In this loft the pigeons will be raised and trained. 

The AGD has a Summer Race and Winter Race edition. In both competitions an ACE pigeon competition is part of the awards.

In the Algarve Great Derby One Loft Race we make sure that housing and training gets the highest priority. In our opinion it is the basis of future success.Our loft is in Moncarapacho, Portugal

Loft Algarve Great Derby 2023 One Loft Race Portugal

Most One Loft Pigeons Races, like our Algarve Great Derby, start with training races and competition races, in which the pigeons will be released at the same time from different distances. After release all birds ‘race’ back to their home loft.

Because the pigeons carry a so called ‘chipring’, all pigeons will be registered in the Benzing system of the organisation. Results appear live on the internet at at every race

races and auction

In the summer race 2024, the pigeons will be taken from AGD to several locations and released there in good weather conditions. 

After the training sessions ‘the real work’ will start. The prize money is awarded in the 5 releases over 200 Km. 

The grand finale, with a distance of approximately 450 kilometers, will be held on  04 October 2024 Mark this date in you calendar ! Aproximately 10-12 days later an extra Endurance Race will be held, over 500 Km, extra activation only. 
Our ace pigeon race also relates to the last 5 races.

When all races have been held, all pigeons are put up for auction and will eventually find their way to new owners worldwide. A fair share of the proceeds from the auction then goes to the breeder of the pigeons that are successfully sold.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us anytime. Check also our Facebook page for the latest news.